Choosing a reliable bookkeeping service

Choosing a reliable bookkeeping office is a very important decision in the business of any company, self-employed (craftsmen, lawyers, notaries, family farms and others), non-profit organizations, state budget users and all those who don’t have bookkeeping within their own organization or want part bookkeeping tasks to be performed by others. We offer a range of packages to suit your requirements with no hidden costs.

Nowadays, a good accountant is required to do much more than accurately and properly record the resulting business situation. First of all, a good accountant, in addition to excellent knowledge of accounting standards, must also know the tax regulations, regulations in the field of labor law, health and pension insurance and have all the relevant and fresh information required of him. Saving you time and money where it matters the most. We will work closely with you to understand your business and financial goals.

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An investment study is a document needed to make an investment decision.
For those obliged to keep double-entry bookkeeping (company, craftsmen ...)


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Bookkeping service, financial reporting, tax calculations

With our many years of knowledge and experience, we optimize your business and
tax liabilities in compliance with accounting and tax regulations


For companies, branches and other

Bookkeeping, record keeping, preparation of financial statements. Consulting in the field of financial reporting, value added tax (VAT), tax planning and year end accounts, management of fiscal transactions and financial reporting, administration and budgeting and other bookkeeping services.


Other accounting services

Assistance in drafting accounting policies, payroll calculations, drafting work regulations, depreciation calculation, business consulting , business tax, employment tax, budgeting analysis…


For crafts and independent occupations

Keeping basic and auxiliary business books, calculation of depreciation, calculation of salaries, calculation of per diems, field allowance, transportation costs, etc.


For non-profit organizations

Regular and orderly recording, submission of documentation, preparation of financial reports, organizations and management of non-profit organizations. Receipt and payment account, income and expenditure account, balance sheets.

Have you made the decision to start your own business?

Our team will help you and provide professional information on the obligations that arise after the establishment of a company (d.o.o., j.d.o.o.), trades in the income tax system (lump sum or with bookkeeping)


Business plans


Business plans

An investment study is a document needed to make an investment decision.

The investment study contains an information base related to market analysis, technological-technical, locational and organizational aspects of a project, and economic-financial analysis with an assessment of the success and acceptability of an investment project.

Financial decision makers can thus use a standardized methodology to analyze comparative potential projects and determine which is the most efficient according to predetermined criteria.

The investment study that we can prepare for you in a clear way will show potential investors, creditors and yourself information about making the right decision about investing or lending.

In short, investment research is designed to take away the guesswork and make investors more efficient and profitable.

Every investment project consists of several stages

Project preparation

The preparation of an investment project includes the emergence of a business idea, the identification of potential investment solutions, and a rough assessment of the benefits and costs.

Project evaluation

The evaluation of an investment project is the phase of determining the criteria and methods for evaluating potential investment solutions, preparation of investment studies as an analytical and documentation basis for project selection and investment decision making.

Project implementation

Execution of a project that represents construction and other activities on starting a business.

Project business

The last phase is the operation of the investment project, which represents the creation of the planned output. In this phase, it is necessary to monitor the realization and compare it with the planned values, and determine the causes of possible deviations.

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